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Optimus Keyboard 2005-07-17

The nerd’s best friend: the Optimus keyboard.

Optimus Keyboard

Every key of the Optimus keyboard is a stand-alone display showing exactly what it is controlling at this very moment.

Think of this: 130 single OLEdisplays. This won’t be cheap but will be the eye-catcher on your desktop.
Of course this won’t make much sense for the 10-finger-blind-typing.
Besides that: It can really help you a lot to see what function is currently assigned to a certain key, think of all the shortcuts in Photoshop or other programs, tutorials with keys blinking in a certain order or things like that.

Bush game | pixel art at its best 2005-06-15

Unfortunately I didn’t get to see this any earlier:


Pixel style at local H&M 2005-06-10

I was surprised to recently see that pixel art again has made it into mainstream.
Pictures were taken at local H&M store in Berlin / Kurfürstendamm, where they are used as small design elements.

Click small previews for full image.

Anprobe some pixel dude Girls stuff Second hand lift

Forgotten Myths | a retro pixel art Flash game 2005-06-05

Here I have some pretty pixel art eye candy for you:

Forgotten Myths

This Flash game was made some time ago by “Pixelboy Designs/Marmotte”:http://www.pixelboy-designs.com/

He says it’s inspired by Kid Icarus, though it also reminds me of Wonder Boy.
Nice work and retro look.

bBlog 0.7.5 is out now 2005-06-02

I am happy and somewhat proud to annonce that blogging software bBlog has been released in version 0.7.5, only a week after we started to work on it.

dark usable | a simple k700i theme 2005-05-25

This is probably the most basic theme for the Sony Ericsson k700 you will ever find :)
I made it about a year ago just when I got my k700i and all these animated and colourful themes were going on my nerves. Reason: They look cool but are very hard to read and use in the everyday usage.

a dark simple theme for Sony Ericsson k700i

Free download: dark usable (23 kb)

dmig | a minimalistic theme for bBlog 2005-05-22

I’ve just created a template/skin/theme (whatever you call it) for the blogging software bBlog and you can download it here for free.

Download: dmig.zip (18 kb / bBlog 0.7.2 – 0.7.4 compatible)

dmig template for bBlog

If you think it looks familiar, it probably reminds you of the old layout of Design made in Germany, which this is a tribute to.
Thanks for permission again to “Martin Rack”:http://www.martinrack.de!

I am thinking about releasing it for WordPress in the future, so if you might like that, you could drop me a line or a comment as an extra motivation that would probably speed up the process. ;)

Comments, wishes, and recommendations are always welcome.
Also, if you decide to use the template, feel free to add a comment with link to your site, as I would like to see who uses it.


* 2005/06/02 improved dmig theme is now official part of “bBlog 0.7.5”:http://www.pixelpope.com/journal/14/bblog-075-is-out.htm

  • 2005/05/22 first release for bBlog 0.7.4

TGT Soft won't deliver Style XP 2005-05-21

TGT SoftTGT Soft, maker of Windows XP theming software Syle XP won’t deliver.

Why won’t they respond to neither my Pay Pal payment nor any of my 3 emails?
I don’t know and as a paying customer, I don’t think I have to care about.

Lucky me: I payed by Pay Pal, not directly by credit card.
Thus, I could open a dispute on the payment. And as TGT Soft didn’t respond to this dispute within 10 days, the claim was automatically granted.

PixelZilla | a pixel style theme for Firefox 2005-05-19

PixelzillaNormally I don’t care much about skinnable software, so I use the default theme or look for a quite minimalistic one.
Same with Firefox – just ‘till I found PixelZilla, a cool pixel style theme for Firefox, Firebird, the Mozilla suite, and now even for K-Meleon.

Of course all Firefox skins are pixeled somehow. But this one goes for a reduced colour set, pretty much towards the high coloured trend.

Credits go to “Róman Joost”:http://www.romanofski.de/

Wallpaper contest | by dmig and Shuttle 2005-05-14

dmig logoDesign made in Germany and computer maker Shuttle are arranging a “wallpaper competition”:http://www.designmadeingermany.de/wettbewerb/shuttle/index_en.html.

The contestants are supposed to created a wallpaper of dimensions 1280 * 1024 that is related to the “Shuttle XPC system”:http://eu.shuttle.com/de/desktopdefault.aspx/tabid-171/310_read-3476/.
Deadline is June 13th 2005 at 11:59 PM CET.

Prizes are a nice looking PC and a TFT monitor, that even won the “red dot design award”:http://www.red-dot.de/.