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Remote desktop on Windows 2003 terminal server: Logs on and off again 2007-07-16

I’ve had this weird behaviour the other day: I tried to log on to my Windows 2003 terminal server via remote desktop and it would log on, show the desktop for a split second and log me off again. Over and over. Uh? My username was in the “Remote Desktop Users” group, the “Terminal Services” was running, the log file didn’ t give an error (just normal log on, log off), so everything seemed ok.

Now, thanks to the great invention of this thing called internet, I found out people have heard about this strangeness happening sometimes, when running NVIDIA graphic cards. After stopping the NVIDIA Display Driver Service” (which is just there to annoy you on a server anyway; stopping it doesn’t remove the drivers), everything works like a charm again.

Now I can go and mess up my machine with service pack 2, so it dosn’t get boring. ;)